Education & ICT (ED+ict) focuses on ICT- research and social services and has developed three core activities: e-learning, multimedia and support. Within the e-learning division research is conducted in the field of blended learning and online education.
The multimedia division studies the effects of gaming, social networks and mobile technology. ED+ict designs educational games in cooperation with other partners or on an individual basis.
The support division acts ‘on-demand’, organising training sessions developing websites, electronic learning spaces, games, … and this within our own institution as well as in companies and organisations.

ED+ict participates in an extensive (inter)national network and the social services of this research group have led to a spin-off: CETIT bvba.


• E-learning, blended learning, technology enhanced learning
• Mobile learning
• Gamebased learning
• WEB 2.0
• Social Media
• Target group: profit and non-profit organizations


Mr Valère Awouters

Campuslaan 21, B-3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium +32 (0) 11 180 910 


 The multimedia division does research on two main domains, namely mobile learning and gaming. WW-Kids is an ongoing project financed by the Flemisch government in which experiments are implemented about teaching and learning with the personal digital assistant (PDA) and i-phone. Five secondary schools with one hundred pupils in the province Limburg were selected and are learning this year with whispering stories in the nature and out of school.  The gaming research focuses  especially on the pedagogical and didactical aspects of gaming. Also the resistance against gaming in education and the way gaming can be accepted by teachers as useful learning are parts of the research goals and activities.

The support division acts ‘on-demand’. In the own institution, but also in companies and organisations is [ED+ict] teaching courses like Microsoft Office, … [ED+ict] has ‘flying ECDL-examinators’. This means that ECDL-testsessions are organised in companies and institutions.

The research results are not only disseminated on a short-term basis. With the research results of the e-learning division a “postgraduate E-Learning” is designed. Last year students teacher training and in-service teachers can attend this 2-year course, that leads to a diploma. This course starts every academic year. The multimedia devision is at this moment designing  a “postgraduate edutainment and gaming”, a two year formation in 4 modules that covers the pedagogical and didactical aspects of gaming in education. This formation starts for the first time in September 2009 and will then start every academic year.

[ED+ict] has recently published a book about WEB 2.0 in Dutch in Belgium (September 2008) and published online in iJET (Vol. 3, 1, 2008) and US-China education review (July 2008) and is participating regularly  at international conferences, like e.g. the International conference on learning in the workplace (New York, June 2008) and the International Conference on Blended Learning (Brasil, November 2008).